Department of Fine Arts and Art Sciences

The UoI Department of Fine Arts and Art Sciences was established in September 2000.

Its mission is to cultivate and foster fine arts both in theory and practice; provide students with all the necessary resources to ensure their successful artistic and professional development, by upgrading their artistic and aesthetic education; teach students History and Theory of Art; contribute to the community’s social, cultural and economic development.

The Department of Fine Arts and Art Sciences was established in 2000 and has been offering two specializations since the 2006-2007 academic year: Visual Arts and Art History & Theory, under Ministerial Decision 67344/Β1/22-7-2009 (OGG 1476, issue Β). Students have the opportunity to choose one of these two specializations, which is also written on their degree. After attending the core modules, they follow one of the Department’s two specializations and are asked to build their study programme accordingly, by selecting the subject areas that constitute each specialization thereby obtaining expertise in their desired field. The minimum required duration of study is eight (8) semesters.

By Law 4386/2016  Regulations on research and other provisions. (Circular No. 83 of the OGG, issue Α,  11 May 2016), Article 63, the Department was renamed the Department of Visual Arts and Art Sciences and its semesters were increased from eight (8) to ten (10). Four specializations were defined, which would be included in the unified degree as specialized and clearly identified academic and professional fields of expertise: a. Painting; b. Sculpture; c. Multimedia − Graphic Art; d. Art History and Theory, and the entry exams procedure was changed to be consistent with the procedure that applies to other Departments of Visual Arts in Schools of Fine Arts throughout Greece [clause c, par. 3, article 2, Law 2525/1997 (Α΄188), as applicable].

The Department of Visual Arts and Art Sciences awards diplomas up to PhD degrees.

Based on their field of expertise, the Department of Visual Arts and Art Sciences graduates may work in public or private organizations −Universities, Science Institutions, Museums, Art Galleries− that operate in the art industry and specialize in one or more of the Department’s offered fields of expertise. They can even work as art teachers in Primary or High Schools, or as freelancers. Our Department’s graduates, who wish to become art teachers, regardless of their specialization, must attend and be successfully examined in pedagogy modules, as required by the Department’s curriculum and regulations.

Article 63 of Law 4386/2016 shall enter into force as of the 2017-2018 academic year.

Dean - Chair
  • Xenophon Bitsikas, Professor

Contact information

Secretary: Georgia Aslani

Secretariat – Department of Fine Arts and Art Sciences
Transitional Administration Building, 1st floor
University of Ioannina
45110 Ioannina

Phone: (+30) 26510 07257, 07117, 07183
Fax: (+30) 26510 07065

Postgraduate Study

Our Department has been offering a Postgraduate Course since the 2006-07 academic year, approved by Ministerial Decision 16726/Β7/19-4-06, OGG 573/8-5-2006, replaced by Ministerial Decision 159937/Β7/6-10-14, OGG 2731/13-1014.

Purpose and Structure of Postgraduate Study

The purpose of Postgraduate study is to prepare graduates in doing research to promote science in an independent and autonomous manner.

The Postgraduate Courses (Masters) offered by the Department of Fine Arts and Art Sciences lead to:

I) The award of a Master’s Degree in the following specializations:

  1.  Visual Arts;
  2.  Curation.
Doctoral Studies

A PhD Degree is awarded to holders of Greek or foreign University accredited equivalent degrees and requires (a) attendance and exams and (b) conducting research for a PhD Thesis, which shall be presented and evaluated as per applicable provisions.