Department of Mathematics

The UoI Department of Mathematics is the second most ancient Department at the University of Ioannina (foundation year: 1966). It has been located in its own building at the campus since 1989.
At the dawn of their development, mathematics were primarily a set of empirical rules for performing equations; nowadays, mathematics are an integral part of our lives, making a dynamic entrance into every modern scientific field at the speed of lightning.
Mathematical Science is mostly about methods of proof, searching and describing mathematical concepts and laws that are necessary in describing modern reality. Mathematics is a widely studied field, thanks to its inherent beauty, and is considered an essential part of human culture. Some mathematicians view their science as artists, while others work to attribute such a conceptual accuracy to the meaning of words, to ensure ultimate causality of reasoning and strict mathematization of conclusions. The mechanistic generation of results is just a part of what a mathematician needs to learn. First and foremost, anyone who becomes a mathematician learns the internal causality of theory to get acquainted both with where and why they go, and where and how they start.

Compulsory minimum period of study: eight (8) semesters.

  • Konstantinos Kosmidis, Professor

  • Konstantinos Zografos, Professor

Contact information

Secretary: Anestis Agapiadis

Secretariat – Department of Mathematics
Administration Building, Ground floor
University of Ioannina
45110 Ioannina

Phone: (+30) 26510 07428, 07492, 07190
Fax: (+30) 26510 07005

Postgraduate Study

The Department has been offering a reformed Postgraduate Course since the 2014-2015 academic year, approved by Ministerial Decision 124475/Β7/2014 (OGG 2223/13-8-2014, issue B) which replaced Ministerial Decision 103282/Β7 (OGG 1788/issue B/08-12-2006), which concerned the Postgraduate Course offered by the Department of Mathematics, University of Ioannina.

This Postgraduate Course leads to a Master’s (MSc) Degree in the following specializations:

Α: Mathematics (Analysis – Algebra – Geometry)

Β: Statistics and Operations Research

C: Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

D: Mathematics for Education

The Postgraduate Course focuses on mathematical subject areas as they develop and evolve in the modern age through various branches and individual fields of specialization. The aim of the Postgraduate Course is to provide specialized knowledge in all fields of Mathematical Sciences, to help holders of the awarded Master’s (MSc) Degree acquire high skills of applying modern fields, specializations and orientations of Mathematics to their professional environment.

Doctoral Studies

The Department of Mathematics awards a PhD degree in Mathematics.

The purpose of writing a PhD Dissertation in Mathematics is to create researchers, holders of a PhD degree, capable of contributing to Greece’s developmental needs and promotion of research in Mathematics, and staffing Universities and research centres.