Department of Philosophy, Education and Psychology

The Department of Philosophy, Education and Psychology includes three disciplines under the same names, which determine its research and educational orientations, structure and Study Programme. It offers a unified undergraduate course and grants a unified Bachelor’s Degree with three specializations: (1) Philosophy, (2) Education, 3) Psychology. Students must select one of these three specializations by the end of their second year of study. It also offers organized Postgraduate Courses, in cooperation with the undergraduate course.

The Department’s objective is to:

  • Promote research and academic teaching in the disciplines of Philosophy, Education and Psychology;
  • Offer students the knowledge required for their future careers and methodology tools to help them pursue a Postgraduate Course;
  • Encourage free transfer of scientific knowledge and ideas, critical analysis of philosophical, social and psycho-pedagogical subjects, to help forge characters with social and political consciousness.

The Study Programme is interdisciplinary and comprises of two cycles. The first cycle offers modules included in the subject areas of all three disciplines to help students master basic knowledge and acquire methodology tools that will enable them attend all three specializations offered. The second cycle leads to the three specializations and offers modules for in-depth knowledge of theoretical and methodology issues. In both cycles, students must complete a certain number of the modules offered by the Departments of Philology and History & Archaeology.

Graduation requires attendance of eight semesters, namely four academic years. Students receive their Bachelor’s degree when they pass all required exams and accumulate the required number of ECTS credits. The Department offers a unified degree defined by these three specializations.

Compulsory minimum period of study: eight (8) semesters.

  • Ioannis Prelorentzos, Professor

  • Theocharis Athanasiadis, Professor

Contact information

Secretary: Anastasia Anastasiou

Department of Philosophy, Education & Psychology Secretariat
Administration Building, 1st floor
University of Ioannina
45110 Ioannina

Phone: (+30) 26510 07184, 07186, 07406
Fax: (+30) 26510 07027

Postgraduate Study
Doctoral Studies

Doctoral Study applications are welcome from holders of a Master’s (MSc) Degree.