Internship opportunities

Our students have the opportunity to carry out an internship as part of their studies, both in Greece and abroad. An internship helps students gain valuable experience in a real-life work environment, at subject areas that are related to their studies; to enhance their scientific training with professional skills and qualifications; to come into contact with the modern-day business and work environment; to explore potential professional fields; and eventually, receive support for a smoother start in their career.

You can find information on available internship programmes and student support services at:

  • The Internship Office (internship opportunities in Greece) –
  • The Directorate of International and Public Relations through the Erasmus+ programme (Mobility programmes in Europe for internship opportunities) –
Career Consultancy

Students who study at the University of Ioannina are provided with support in planning their career, which is now a lifelong process and requires development of the right skills for its management. The DASTA Liaison Office provides career advice on postgraduate study options, job searching and career management. We offer our career advice services at group level with the organization of workshops and on an individual basis.


Taking into consideration both its students and recent graduates’ needs for information, orientation and career support, as well as the best global support practices, the University of Ioannina implements the UoI Mentoring Programme, which helps to develop a collaboration between a professional expert and a young, less experienced person. This relationship fosters the sharing of experiences, information and practical advice on a specific professional field, and effectively contributes in our students and recent graduates’ educational and professional development.

Information about the UoI Mentoring Programme

Education and Consultancy

Our students are able to receive training in the development of business skills and in acquiring specific knowledge and advice if they are interested in starting a business. In that respect, the DASTA Innovation & Entrepreneurship Office implements actions to cultivate innovative thinking and culture by offering classes, technical workshops, innovation awards and contests, business games. At the same time, the Office supports young people (students and graduates) who wish to start their own business through guidance and consulting.

UoI Counselling Centre (SKEPI)

The UoI Counselling Centre (SKEPI) offers confidential support to students who may face various personal problems. In certain cases, always with the student’s consent, the SKEPI Advisors may have a close cooperation with officers from other relevant offices, including the Liaison and Career Office, to resolve those issues.


Course Advisors

Upon commencement of the academic year and according to their needs, each Department appoints at least one Teacher – Study Advisor, who is a department faculty member.

They advise and help students select the right modules according to each Department’s Study Programme and the difficulty level of each module.

At the same time, they remain at students’ disposal for any issues that may arise during their studies, and search for the best solution together with the Department’s Secretariat or General Assembly.

Scholarships & Awards

The following student categories are eligible for a scholarship:

  1. First-year students admitted with the highest grades in their Department;
  2. Students, based on their average grade over the two semesters of an academic year;
  3. The graduate with the highest final grade during that academic year, provided he/she has not exceeded the duration of study required for graduation.

The UoI Liaison Office provides information on major foreign and Greek foundations that offer scholarships every year.
If you need information on all current scholarships or those previously offered by institutions and foundations, please use the Liaison Office’s scholarship search engine.