Career Consultancy

Students who study at the University of Ioannina are provided with support in planning their career, which is now a lifelong process and requires development of the right skills for its management. The DASTA Liaison Office provides career advice on postgraduate study options, job searching and career management. We offer our career advice services at group level with the organization of workshops and on an individual basis.

Internship opportunities

Our students have the opportunity to carry out an internship as part of their studies, both in Greece and abroad. An internship helps students gain valuable experience in a real-life work environment, at subject areas that are related to their studies; to enhance their scientific training with professional skills and qualifications; to come into contact with the modern-day business and work environment; to explore potential professional fields; and eventually, receive support for a smoother start in their career.

You can find information on available internship programmes and student support services at:

  • The Internship Office (internship opportunities in Greece) –
  • The Directorate of International and Public Relations through the Erasmus+ programme (Mobility programmes in Europe for internship opportunities) –
Mediation Office

The UoI Mediation Office opened in 1996. In 2005-2008 it received funding from the ERDF – European Regional Development Fund (70%) and State Funds (30%) from the Ministry of Development.


Counselling Centre

The UoI Counselling Centre was established in 1988, but operates on a regular basis since 1996. It is a counselling structure that offers services to undergraduate and postgraduate students, free of charge, throughout the academic year.