Counselling Centre

The UoI Counselling Centre was established in 1988, but operates on a regular basis since 1996. It is a counselling structure that offers services to undergraduate and postgraduate students, free of charge, throughout the academic year.

Its staff consists of two professional psychologists, who work according to the Psychologists’ code of conduct, in order to help students deal with their problems more efficiently. These problems could relate to personal or relationship issues and/or adaptation to University environment, and daily concerns, or even more complex mental health issues. Our psychologists try to help students identify and understand the difficulties that they express, in a supportive rather than judgmental manner, and to discover more functional ways of coping with these problems. At the same time, relevant research is carried out for our counselling activities to meet the students’ specific needs.

Contact information

Counselling Centre
Building A, Residence Hall B
University of Ioannina -Greece

Phone: (+30) 26510-0-6600
Fax: (+30) 26510-0-6599