Student Associations and Groups

Life on campus is complemented by a great number of student associations and clubs that allow students to take up extracurricular pastimes and hobbies.

These groups cover a wide range of interests, including music, social work, fine arts, photography and voluntary blood donation.

UoI Student Clubs

(All students may enroll in their Department’s Student Club. Student representatives participate in the University’s collegiate bodies pursuant to applicable provisions).

The University of Ioannina currently features the following Student Groups:


This year, the UoI Theatre Group (THESPI) is celebrating twenty- seven years of active and responsible involvement in theatrical events.

A students’ amateur theatre group, or rather a group of friends, THESPI has been an outlet for creativity and expression.

Motivated by this need back in 1976, a group of students found the theatre as a way to freely and creatively express with their soul and imagination: thus THESPI was unofficially ‘born’. However, it was officially established in 1983, when the district court of Ioannina recognized it as a legal entity.

That year, the great hall of the old University in Doboli hosted its first theatrical play, and 12 years later, in 1995, the Theatrical Group was given its own space in Dourouti, where it is housed to this day.

Throughout these years, the THESPI members have been performing plays written by Greek or foreign playwrights, experimenting with their own scripts, preparing tributes to playwrights, and most of all, feeling the magic of theatre in their own special way.

At this point, we should note that the group consists of amateurs, not in terms of sketchiness, but in that their purpose is not to make a living. Students are in charge of everything, including direction, lights, makeup, props, costumes, music, programmes, acting; they do it all out of pure love for theatre and do not hesitate to spend long hours to that end, setting their personal life aside. The University of Ioannina has always been supportive of this effort, with its valuable contribution in technical and material resources.

THESPI members use these physical and mental resources every time to stage plays that express their concerns and opinions, with a view to communicating with their audience.

We would like to wish all those who left a piece of their soul and themselves in this ever-growing group, a good trip in the magic of theatre. Because THESPI is those who’ve left, those who are here, and those who’ll come.

Ultimately, THESPI is “us”.


FOSPI is a group of students who are keen on artistic (and other types of) photography. It was founded in 1992 by a group of students, whose favorite pastime was photography. Since then, the club has been operated by students, under the supervision of the University.

Meetings are held on Saturdays at 13:00 at the Club’s office, which is located on the 1st floor of Building A, Residence Halls



UoI Film Club (KOPI) was founded in 1985, as part of our university’s Committee of Literature & Art. Throughout these years, we have managed to make it an integral part of the cultural life of this wonderful city, and of course, our university.

The main purpose of our film club is to promote cinema as an art form, by screening major films from all over the world. These events are usually held in thematic sections (apart from individual cases), to give the audience a chance to analyze concepts from different perspectives and to better understand cinematic means of expression. Screenings take place in our Space of Literature and Art, and other locations in our city. KOPI is a member of the Greek Federation of Film Societies (OKLE), and is the official film society of Ioannina, and it is for this reason that it undertakes the difficult task of the university cultural connection with the city. To better communicate with the public, KOPI hosts a weekly radio show, “PROSECHOS” (Greek for coming soon), every Sunday 19:00-19:30 at the City of Ioannina Radio Station, which includes discussions on current cinema news and music soundtracks. We also invite cinema celebrities to introduce their films or give lectures, and we host the annual presentation of all award-winning films at the short-film festival in Drama. Furthermore, many of our group members also participate in the annual Thessaloniki Film Festival, through OKLE.

The group holds its General Assemblies twice a week (usually Mondays and Fridays) at its office, on the ground floor of the Residence Halls in Dourouti, opposite the Student Club. For more direct and interactive communication, follow us on Facebook.

Our blood donation group (FOEA) was founded in 1980 by a group of UoI medical students. Its purpose is to inform and raise awareness among the community about voluntary blood donation and to strengthen this practice, in order to adequately cover local blood needs exclusively from voluntary blood donors. Today, any student of the University of Ioannina and the TEI of Epirus,who is based in Ioannina, can join our group.

During its operation, FOEA has been cooperating with the University Hospital of Ioannina and the G. Chatzikostas Hospital to cover their emergency blood needs to a great extent. These two hospitals have the sole responsibility of collecting and handling blood donations, given that FOEA does not run a blood bank.

Furthermore, our group opposes any kind of transactions in terms of blood handling; this is the reason it intervenes only to inform and raise awareness among students. It also takes priority over political, religious, racial, insular or other differences.

The need for the FOEA was established by the fact that blood shortage is a huge social issue in a country like Greece, which sadly ranks first in road traffic accidents, and needs large quantities of blood to meet the transfusion needs of people suffering from thalassemia.



Find a loyal friend!!

Help us find a home for the stray dogs of our university. We support the adoption of stray dogs by people who truly love dogs. You too can become a volunteer and support our effort, by volunteering, offering food for our dogs, medicine or money.



The UoI Traditional Dancing Group (CHOPI) belongs to the UoI Sports section and the Committee of Literature and Art.  Both organizations report to the Rector’s Office. Traditional dances are always taught by expert dance instructors, department members of our University.

Our group offers three traditional dance classes: for beginners, advanced and students from abroad.

Classes are held at our well-equipped Sports Centre. Since September 2009, classes have also been held at a hall specially designed for traditional dancing in our University’s new sports facilities, in the football field.

Dr. Anastasia Fylaktakidou (P.E. Faculty member)
Sports Centre Staff

Phone: (+30)  2651 0 06479
fax: (+30) 26510 06592


The Department of Primary Education Choir was established in January 2003. Participating in the Choir are students from both the Department of Primary Education and from other UoI Schools. It currently has around thirty active members. Other that their aesthetic cultivation, the purpose of our Choir is to introduce the students to the Greek and global musical heritage, the cooperation and communication with other choirs both in Greece and abroad.

Students wishing to join the Choir may contact Ms. Eirini Nikolaou on (+30) 2651 0 05873 or email her at