Student' s Restaurant

UoI undergraduate and postgraduate students may eat at the University’s Student Restaurant, pursuant the requirements provided by the University Senate.

The Student Restaurant, which is located on the ground floor of the campus’ Student Club building, occupies an area of around 4,500 m2 and is fully equipped with cutting-edge University facilities.
A food services contract is awarded to a private professional, selected via a tender process, who is subject to the direct supervision and control by the University’s competent authorities.

The Restaurant operates from 1 September to 30 June, Monday-Sunday, and closes for 14 days during the Christmas and Easter holidays, respectively. It operates for a total of 275 days per year and has a feeding capacity of 4,000 students/day.

The daily menu, in accordance with the proclamation and the contractor’s obligations, includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Contact information

Student Club (restaurant), University of Ioannina,
University Campus, 45 110 Ioannina

Phone numbers: (+30) 26510-05390, 05487
Fax: (+30) 26510-05392



Residing at the Halls of Residence

UoI students may either reside on campus, at the University Halls of Residence, or at rooms owned by the National Youth Foundation (EIN, Perivleptou Hill, Ioannina).



Students may also rent an apartment or room in the broader area the city of Ioannina. In an effort to assist its students in their search for accommodation, the University of Ioannina supports the website.

UoI students and members may visit the website and search for different accommodation options.

Contact information

Anyone interested in staying at EIN rooms may contact the relevant EIN agency, at Perivleptou Hill, Ioannina (or call +30 2651042050 -51).

Those interested in staying at the University Halls of Residence may contact the Student Support Secretariat, Student Support Directorate (Residence Halls Building A, phone +30 26510-05466, 26510-05467).

Healthcare Facilities

The Healthcare Division of the University’s Student Support is staffed by a permanent administrative official, who is a graduate of the Nursing Department, TEI of Epirus.
The Division operates on a daily basis from 08:00 to 15:00, except weekends, and is housed in the ground floor office of the Residence Hall Building A, by the canteen.

It has the following responsibilities:

  1. Provide first aid to University students and staff;
  2. Cooperate with other institutions (Ministry, the Hellenic Centre for Disease Control & Prevention, Hospital) for the organization of events and seminars on the prevention –maintenance and promotion of the UoI students and staff’s health;
  3. Arrange for and equip doctor’s office with all necessary pharmaceutical materials and other required instruments;
  4. Check and validate students’ healthcare booklets;
  5. Handle relevant mail and suggest actions to be taken to promote and ensure public health to the University’s management.



Healthcare facilities are available to undergraduate University students, either Greek or foreign nationals, for a duration equal to the minimum years of undergraduate study provided by each Department plus half of that duration. Postgraduate University students are entitled to healthcare facilities for a duration equal to their years of study plus half of that duration.

Student hospital care includes the following:

  1. Medical examination;
  2. Pharmaceutical care;
  3. Diagnostic tests;
  4. Childbirth;
  5. Inpatient care

Furthermore, the following expenses are covered, based on a special cost estimation:

  1. Physiotherapy;
  2. Dental care;
  3. Orthopaedic products;
Housing Allowance

A Housing Allowance is given to undergraduate University and TEI students in Greece, provided they meet the requirements and submit all necessary supporting documents according to the required application procedure.


The following student categories are eligible for a scholarship:

  1. First-year students admitted with the highest grades in their Department;
  2. Students, based on their average grade over the two semesters of an academic year;
  3. The graduate with the highest final grade during that academic year, provided he/she has not exceeded the duration of study required for graduation.
Student ID Card

All students are given a Student ID Card that is valid during their Department’s years of undergraduate study plus two (2) years.

Student ID Cards are valid throughout the year (1 September–31 August).

Students are given new ID cards at the start of each academic year. In case of loss, a new ID card is granted one month after the student declares the loss to the Department’s Secretariat.

The discount offered to students is as follows (Min. Act 99/22-08-90):

  1. 25% off the cost of city public transport, either in the city of their Department, or in any other public transport in Greece;
  2. 25% off the cost of the intercity coach service that connects the city of their Department with their hometown, or other intercity coach services in Greece;
  3. 25% off the cost of rail transport throughout Greece;
  4. 25% off the cost of the total fare of domestic group flights (at least 15 persons) using Olympic Airlines.

Graduates of other Universities who have enrolled to a University Department are not eligible for a Student ID Card.